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the bald soprano

Mr. and Mrs. Smith engage in what might be a typical after-dinner conversation were it not for its increasingly nonsensical character. The platitudes and clichés of Ionesco’s English lessons, which inspired the writing of this play, reappear in each scene, sometimes unaltered, more often deformed. Mary, the maid, enters to tell them that their dinner guests, the Martins, have arrived, and the Smiths leave to change clothes, or so they say.

 Mr. and Mrs. Martin appear to be total strangers, but in the ensuing conversation they discover an amazing series of coincidences, leading them to conclude that they must be husband and wife. As they fall into each other’s arms in a parody of a classic recognition scene from melodrama, Mary enters and informs the audience that they are mistaken: they both have a daughter with one red eye and one white eye, but Donald’s daughter has a red left eye and a white right eye, while Elizabeth’s daughter has a white left eye and a red right eye.

 The Smiths reenter (in their original clothes), and the two couples have just begun to exchange fractured pleasantries when the doorbell rings several times, precipitating an argument about whether there is always someone there or never anyone there when a doorbell rings.

 The Fire Chief enters, looking for some fires to extinguish. Disappointed at finding none, he stays while everyone takes a turn telling anecdotes. When Mary enters, demanding to tell a story herself, there is a second recognition scene; it turns out that Mary and the Fire Chief are long-lost lovers.

 Mary is carried away (literally and figuratively) reciting a poem about fires, the Fire Chief leaves, and the play culminates in a violent quarrel in which the Smiths and the Martins hurl disjointed clichés, words, and finally just sounds at each other. [Synopsis & Characters]

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De ce am ales prezentarea aceasta in engleza? [care nici macar nu-mi apartine. Apartine The Pearl Theatre Company, dar care mi-a placut].

Simplu! Pentru ca duminica seara am vazut-o jucata in engleza, de masteranzii anului II de la Arta Actorului. Absolut minunati! Trebuie vazuti jucand. In engleza, in romana, nu conteaza, si o sa vedeti ca am dreptate. Pentru ca timp de 1h si 35 minute am fost purtati de acestia in absurdul lui Eugen Ionescu, absurd care suplineste intriga absenta. Felicitari!

Cantareata cheala – Eugen Ionescu

Master II Arta Actorului

Profesor coordonator: Valeria Sitaru


Alina Suărăşan – Mrs. Smith

Alexandru Nagy – Mr. Smith

Alina Rotaru – Mrs. Martin

Ştefan Pavel – Mr. Martin

Andrei Huţuleac – Pompierul

Mihaela Velicu – Menajera

Light Design: Codruţ Mendea – Master II Light & Sound Design

Lumini: George Rotaru, Alex Bibere – Master I Light & Sound Design

Sunet: Aida Alexe

Sursa foto:  Facebook – Alexandru Nagy

the bald soprano


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